Category: Guide

Area: Gender Inequality, Stereotyping

Place/Country: Germany

Date: 2023

Institutions involved: Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb) gGmbh, Chamber of Crafts for, Upper Franconia and the Chamber of Crafts of Lower Bavaria-Upper Palatinate

Target group: young people, especially girls and young women, teachers, parents and handicraft enterprises

Goals / Objectives /Aims: The guide is intended for people who provide information and advice to young people, teachers, parents and ounselling in the context of career guidance and career choice. It particularly addresses the requirements of a cliché-free and explorative career orientation and offers facts, experiences and tips for information and counselling.

Content / Structure / Description including strengthening action competence

The guide contains the following:

  • Information on counselling for young people
  • Information and counselling for schools and teachers
  • Information and counselling for parents
  • Information and counselling for companies
  • Methodological kit for counselling activities for all target groups

Results / Responses → Resulting Competences: The guide provides background knowledge on central elements, instructions for taking action and shows which structural difficulties stand in the way of stereo-free career counselling and choice.

Feedback / Evaluation of the practice: (see above)

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