Category: Handbook/ Toolkit

Area: Stereotyping and Gender inequality

Place/Country: EU (European Commission – The Handbook is translated into 24 different languages).

Date: April 2021

Institutions involved: European Commission

Target group: Teachers, professors, pedagogical staff, principals and consultants

Goals / Objectives /Aims:

Challenging learners to discover a world of opportunities based on the example of the transport sector.

Prepared educational toolkit that could fight gender stereotypes taking the example of the transport sector. It aims to support teachers to organise discussions in the classroom to effectively address gender stereotypes, based on the example of the transport sector.

Content / Structure / Description including strengthening action competence

The handbook was created because it was found that only 22% of the employees in the transport sector in the European Union are women. Many girls do not consider a career in the transport sector because of gender stereotypes and expectations that lead them to other career paths.

The main purpose of this toolkit is to make young learners understand that occupations are not reserved for a particular gender while they learn about the transport sector as a possible career option for anyone.

The toolkit contains the following toolsets: Background information, Initial teachers’ self-assessment, Gender stereotypes, Work, Transport, Continuing teachers’ self-assessment, To go one step further.

The manual uses the method of active listening, which places students at the center of their learning process. Students are encouraged to think and dialogue in which they have the opportunity to question and confront their stereotypes and biases.

Results / Responses → Resulting Competences: A Handbook with exercises.

Feedback / Evaluation of the practice: Raising awareness of gender stereotypes.

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