Category: Project

Area: Stereotyping and Gender inequality

Place/Country: Portugal

Date: 2018-2020

Institutions involved: CIG (Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality) and Setúbal School of Education

Target group: The training-action project actively and continuously involved all the school’s educational agents: teachers and educators, operational assistants, teachers from outside the Escolinha (providing after-school care), fathers, mothers and other family members, as well as all the school’s pupils, from 3 to 10 years old.

Goals / Objectives /Aims:

Its purpose is the application of the whole school approach, foreseen in the National Strategy for Education for Citizenship, in the mainstreaming of gender equality in a private pre-school and primary school.

Content / Structure / Description including strengthening action competence

The project presents 5 documents, namely: Argumentary; Practices and reference; Guidelines; Legal and Statistical Foundation and The Little School on a journey towards equality.

The product “Argumentary” is one of several products of the project The School on the Journey for Equality, and describes problematic situations that were included in the programme previously outlined for the project and that, having been experienced at school, were suggested, identified and discussed by the teaching staff, the non-teaching staff, the school management and the project trainers with a view to integrating the gender equality perspective into educational practices.

The product “Practices and references” identifies both practices already existing at Escolinha, which were strengthened or expanded from the perspective of education for equality between girls and boys, and practices that were introduced as the project developed. It is in this sense that the designation of Reference Practices was chosen, considering as practices the ways of being, doing, acting and interacting (with people, situations and physical and material resources), both individual and collective.

The product “Guidelines” is intended to share with other schools and their teachers and directors the favourable conditions, facilitating factors and constraints that marked the Little School on the journey towards Equality project.

Results / Responses → Resulting Competences:

Aiming at a consistent institutional intervention of this educational establishment in the field of gender equality, the project results in 5 products, namely:

1) Argumentary.

2) Reference Practices.

3) Guidelines.

4) Statistical and Legal Reasoning (available soon).

5) A Escolinha em viagem para a Igualdade (available soon)

Feedback / Evaluation of the practice:

It is relevant for an institution to encourage the integration of gender equality in the basic education of the country’s children.

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