Interview with a career counselor

*The interviewee wishes to remain anonymous

Organisation responsible for the interview: CCIS

Country: Slovenia

Occupation: Career counselor at the employment office

Date of the interview: 11.05.2023

Short summary of the interview

Young people who seek guidance can be divided into two categories: those who have already chosen a career path and those who need guidance. When choosing a career, young people often follow their interests or professions that they are familiar with from their environment. We observe trends where popular professions among young people include influencers and cryptocurrency traders. Several factors strongly influence career choices: parents, friends, trends, and lifestyle. Young people use various criteria to choose their career paths, such as proximity to schools, acquaintances in similar programs, personal interests, parental opinions, and employability. Many young people also consider the duration of education and the breadth of employment opportunities. Parents play a significant role in the career choices of young people. Social norms and cultural expectations influence their decisions, but individuals can recognize and overcome them through personal engagement and support from their environment. When recommending professions, students’ interests are taken into account, although gender differences still exist. Young people may develop negative stereotypes about certain occupations associated with lower prestige or salary.

Statements of utmost importance – top statements/ information

“Young people often opt for a career path that aligns with their strong personal interests or one that they are very familiar with from their environment (either through family connections or acquaintances).”