Interview with a CEO

*The interviewee wishes to remain anonymous

Organisation responsible for the interview: European Institute for Diplomacy & Policy, the Netherlands

Country: The Netherlands

Occupation: CEO

Date of the interview: 19.05.2023

Short summary of the interview

“Young people often have to navigate many challenges in figuring out their career paths, which may include lack of clarity, inability to predict the future of various industries accurately, and changes in personal interests.”

“Social norms and cultural expectations can significantly influence young people’s career choices.”

“It’s always essential to recognize that every individual, regardless of gender, should have the freedom to choose a career path that aligns with their interests, skills, and values, without being limited by gender stereotypes or biases.”

”It’s crucial to challenge stereotypes and encourage young people to consider a wide range of career options.”

Statements of utmost importance – top statements/ information

“Only about 50% of students aged between 15 to 19, who were surveyed, expressed confidence about their preferred career path.”

“Young people become more goal-oriented as they become more aware of their own interests. Is common also that they make a choice based on the school’s reputation.”

“Social norms and cultural expectations can have a significant influence on young people’s career choices.”

“Stereotypes can significantly influence career choices by creating preconceptions about certain jobs, limiting individuals’ thoughts, and blocking their career options.”