Interview with a career guidance counsellor

*The interviewee wishes to remain anonymous

Organisation responsible for the interview: Eurosuccess Consulting

Country: Cyprus

Occupation: Career guidance counsellor

Date of the interview: 09.05.2023

Short summary of the interview

During this interview, the interviewee emphasized that the professions which are more frequently chosen by young people along with the influence parents and/or guardians have on young people’s career choices and decisions. In addition, the interviewee informed us regarding certain professions which are susceptible to gender biases and/or stereotypes.

Statements of utmost importance – top statements/ information

“The role of parents is important in choosing a career. Their support, experience, and proper guidance play a key role in their educational and career decisions”.

“There is usually a perception that boys choose occupations that involve working with machinery, such as repairing cars and engines or working with computers, while girls prefer occupations that involve social interaction”.

“The role of education is particularly important in breaking down stereotypical attitudes. Through career guidance counselling from primary school to high school, children should learn that people value the profession and not the other way round. Profession should not be treated as a means to evaluate us as this leads to contempt and social discrimination and prejudice.  Also, the contribution of both genders in any profession is equal as through equality and acceptance the contribution is equally recognized. By learning appropriate skills, children need to learn about themselves, develop their skills and freely express their career choice in any field they wish”.