Interview with Nadja DOMJANIĆ CURK

Organisation responsible for the interview: CCIS

Country: Slovenia

Occupation: Career advisor

Small Bio/CV: Nadja DOMJANIĆ CURK has been working as a counselor and career advisor in various schools for over 16 years. She initially provided counseling services at an elementary school, and currently, she is employed at the Maribor Vocational School of Woodcraft in Slovenia.

Date of the interview: 24.04.2023

Short summary of the interview

Most young people follow their interests when choosing careers. There is a noticeable trend of decreased interest in general high schools and increased interest in professions related to computer science, electrical engineering. Young individuals generally outline their career paths in a rough manner, and their decisions are influenced by their closest peers, current trends, and job prospects. Career counselor encourages and takes into account the interests of young people. Parents play an important role in the career choices of young individuals but mostly leave the final decision to them. Social norms and cultural expectations impact career decisions, but individuals with strong interests can recognize and overcome these influences. Over the years, there has been a decrease in gender biases in career choices. However, young people may still hold negative stereotypes about certain jobs or career paths, which can hinder their pursuit of desired professions. In Slovenia, gender stereotypes prevail, while the issue of racial stereotypes is less prominent.

Statements of utmost importance – top statements/ information

“In my opinion, a smaller percentage of students know their career path in its entirety. Through their choice of secondary school, they roughly outline their career path but still leave it more open-ended.”