An innovative Open Event in Patras, Greece! 

On 12th of February 2024, Patras became the focus of innovation, as IEK DELTA 360ο, a cornerstone in Greek Vocational Education and Training, hosted the innovative Open Event, organized by The dynamic mix of 20 participants, included enthusiastic VET students, experienced VET teachers and insightful career Guidance Professionals (CGP), counselors. 

The event agenda featured registration and opening remarks, followed by presentations on the GUIDE project and the Digital Tool for identifying stereotypes in career decisions by Machrina Dimopoulou. Insights into project implementation,  best practices and interviews with career experts, were shared by Machrina Dimopoulou and Gregory Archimandritis. A demonstration of the Digital Tool for identifying stereotypes in career decisions engaged participants, alongside interactive activities, and open discussions. The event concluded with closing remarks, encapsulating a day of learning, interaction, and inspiration. 

During the Open Event and its presentations and interactive sessions, participants expressed their interest in the progress and results of the project, attracted by its potential for shaping and reshaping career paths and breaking down stereotypes. 

The feedback from the GUIDE Open Event in Patras, Greece was positive and enthusiastic. VET students shared their belief in the transformative power of our tool, not only for professionals but also for themselves. They embraced the opportunity for honest self-reflection, acknowledging the gender biases that may influence their career decisions, leading the way to greater clarity and empowerment. 

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