Career Guidance Best Practices & Interviews

Welcome to the “Good Practices & Interviews” Section!

In this dedicated space, we invite you to explore and engage with valuable insights aimed at supporting professionals with career guidance responsibilities, such as career counselors, teachers, and advisors. Through meticulous research and analysis, we have curated a collection of 38 good practices, as follows:

  • Good practices in Career Guidance.
  • Good practices in Fighting Gender Stereotypes.
    • Good practices for Education.
    • Good practices for Companies.

Feel free to delve into the wealth of knowledge and consider implementing these effective approaches in your professional realm.

Furthermore, get some insights from the Career Guidance Professionals’ Interviews.

In our endeavor to develop the Digital Tool for Identifying Stereotypes in Career Decisions, the GUIDE partnership conducted in-depth interviews with 26 career guidance experts hailing from eight (8) diverse countries, including Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. These professionals, encompassing career counselors, teachers, and advisors, shared their invaluable perspectives on common gender stereotypes prevalent in career decision-making. This section provides a concise summary of the key findings from these insightful interviews.

Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges professionals encounter and the strategies they employ to navigate stereotypes in the dynamic field of career guidance.

Your journey into the thoughts and experiences of these experts awaits.