Empowering Career Guidance: Unveiling Gender Stereotypes in Career Decision Making

The GUIDE project has developed a digital tool for recognising stereotypes in career decision making,and we are proud to share it with others! In December, January andFebruary, the project partnersorganised their respective open events. Here you can see how we did in Slovenia.

The open event of the GUIDE project, hosted by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry(CCIS), highlighted the path towards more inclusive and informed career guidance. The event on 5December 2023 brought together professionals, educators and students to explore innovativesolutions for recognising and addressing gender stereotypes in career decisions.

The main objective of the open eventwas to disseminate the digital tool for recognising stereotypesin career decision making among the target groups. The digital tool was distributed to representativesof different sectors such as career guidance centres, educational institutions and studentorganisations to ensure direct access to valuable resources. The event fostered meaningfulconversations and encouraged active participation in combating bias. Participants expressed greatinterest in the aims of the project and emphasised the importanceof tackling gender stereotypes incareer guidance.

By highlighting the widespread impact of gender stereotypes on career decisions, the eventencouraged participants to reflect on their own practises and perspectives. Many recognised theneed for gender-sensitive approaches in career guidance and agreed to incorporate the digital toolinto their work.

The event included a presentation by Vesna Miloševič Zupančič, who provided valuable insights intothe preferences and aspirations of Generation Z in the labour market. Zupančič emphasised theimportance of flexibility, mentorship and inclusivity, highlighting the evolving dynamics driving thecareer choices of today’s youth.

Petra Sternad, a dedicated member of the GUIDE project team, led a stimulating discussion on thedigital tool for recognising stereotypes in career decision making. Through a stimulating dialogue andpractical demonstrations, participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of how stereotypesinfluence decision-making processes and explore strategies to promote gender equality in careerguidance.

The success of the Open Event underscores the GUIDE project’s collective commitment to promotinginclusive and equitable career counselling practises. As we move towards gender equality in careerdecisions, the GUIDE Project remains committed to empowering individuals and changing thelandscape of career counselling.