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All about our Transnational Project Meeting in Patras!

The GUIDE project.

The GUIDE project strives to assist Career Guidance Professionals (CGPs) in fostering a career environment where individuals can freely select from opportunities based on their interests and capabilities, regardless of their gender. As the project unfolds, it will create a range of educational materials and approaches that will be accessible to CGPs, universities, and other training providers. These resources aim to empower individuals of all genders to make career choices devoid of gender stereotypes.

The Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in Patras.

At the end of September, 26.09.2023 – 27.09.2023, the project partnership met face-to-face, for the second time, in Patras, Greece. The Transnational Project Meeting was hosted by 15 representatives from all organizations participated in this fruitful meeting.

Partners met, discussed, and analysed their progress and set their next steps for the successful implementation of the project and its results. There was brainstorming for the project’s dissemination activities and several presentations regarding the development of project results.

Partners discussed thoroughly the feedback they received, in the previous period, from Career Guidance Professionals, regarding the first project result, the Digital Tool for identifying gender stereotypes in career decisions. This tool will be completed towards the end of 2023. The tool is ready in English and is now being developed in Danish, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Slovenian. Partners have already scheduled their next steps in order to promote it in their target groups.

From now on, November 2023, to February 2024, partners will hold Open Events in their countries. Nine (9) Open Events will be hold for our first tool. don’t miss them!

Stay tuned to learn more about the project’s presentation at the EfVET annual conference, which was held at the end of October, with over 360 participants.

The project is undergoing exciting and dynamic developments!

Check out some glimpses from our recent Transnational Project Meeting in Patras.

All about our Transnational Project Meeting in Patras!

All about our Transnational Project Meeting in Patras!

Stay tuned for more!

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