Digital Tool for Identifying Stereotypes in Career Decisions

Welcome to the Self-Assessment Tool designed to assist you and your counselees in exploring and understanding any potential gender biases that may impact their career decisions. This tool is part of the educational project “GUIDE – Upgrading the skills of professionals for gender sensitive career guidance” that aims to empower individuals to make choices based on their interests and abilities rather than gender.

The tool delves into two dimensions of biases: explicit and implicit associations. Explicit biases encompass conscious beliefs and attitudes, while implicit biases are unconscious associations or stereotypes influenced by societal factors. By addressing both dimensions, we aim to provide comprehensive insights into how biases may affect career decisions.

Completing the Self-Assessment Tool serves as an initial step in exploring surface-level gender biases. The questions are deliberately phrased stereotypically to elicit honest responses, which will generate a personalized report highlighting any identified biases. This report will serve as a valuable resource for you, as Career Guidance Professionals (CGP), enabling you to offer guidance tailored to each individual’s needs and potential, free from gender bias.

We encourage you to introduce this tool to your counselees and guide them through the self-assessment process (by using the Digital Tool for identifying stereotypes in career decisions). Your support in facilitating open and honest discussions around biases and career choices will greatly contribute to their personal and professional development. It should take approximately 10 minutes of their time.

Any information provided in the Digital Tool for identifying stereotypes in career decisions, that is recorded will be used solely by the GUIDE’s project partnership. We will not sell, trade, or transfer an individual’s personal information to any third party or entity. The GUIDE’s project partnership respects the privacy rights of the tool users, in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/ EU and the current national and European legal and regulatory framework for the protection of personal data.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards breaking down gender biases in career decision-making.

Let’s ensure all genders are enabled to choose among opportunities based on interest and ability rather than gender.