Interview with Gita MIHOVEC

Organisation responsible for the interview: CCIS

Country: Slovenia

Occupation: Counselor

Small Bio/CV: She works in the counseling service at the School Center Škofja Loka, specifically at the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, where she collaborates with all stakeholders of the school: students, parents, teachers, and external professionals. This collaboration contributes to the optimal development of students while also influencing the overall development of the school. In addition to other areas covered by counseling work, she specializes in career guidance, where she organizes various informative workshops related to further education or employment. She works with students and their parents to provide career information, counseling before enrollment, during enrollment, transfer to our school, and university enrollment.

Date of the interview: 24.04.2023

Short summary of the interview

When young people come for counseling, they usually have a rough career path in mind that they want to pursue, but some change their minds during their education. They typically choose professions that align with the field their school offers (such as mechanical engineering and automotive services). Many of them continue their education at a higher level or find employment in the same field. Young people have different goals; some desire specific positions, others come from family businesses, and some aim to gain experience and eventually start their own companies. Approximately 20-30% of young people know their career path, while the majority live for immediate comfort and don’t think much ahead. Parents play an important role in young people’s career decisions. They help them explore different professions and provide guidance based on their interests and employment opportunities. Young people also consider the opinions of their friends when making choices. It’s important for them to follow their own desires, interests, and set clear goals. They use various criteria in career selection, such as interest, status, income, and free time. Sometimes they make impulsive decisions based on current circumstances, including income. If they are not satisfied, they quickly change jobs or careers. Social norms and cultural expectations can negatively influence their career decisions. It’s crucial for individuals to pursue their own desires and interests.

Statements of utmost importance – top statements/ information

“Many young people are unfamiliar with a wide range of professions or have a limited understanding of the actual work involved in specific careers.”