Interview with Morten Maegaard

Organisation responsible for the interview: UCL, Denmark

Country: Denmark

Occupation: Study and Carriere consultant at Study choice Denmark

Small Bio/CV: Morten has worked in educational counselling throughout his professional career. First in Switzerland, where he was privately employed, and then in Denmark, where he has been employed in his current job as a counsellor at Studievalg Danmark.

Date of the interview: 12.05.2023

Statements of utmost importance – top statements/ information

We’ve done some studies on who they talk to most about careers, and it’s both parents and friends. I don’t know who they are most influenced by. There has always been a tendency for children to be influenced to take the same education as their parents, but this tendency has weakened in recent years in Denmark!

But if I were to try to say something general about it, it’s characteristic that very few people realize that finding their educational path is a job. Few people invest enough time to have a serious decision-making process. Most people spend too little time and make rash decisions.