Interview with Philia Georgiou

Organisation responsible for the interview: Eurosuccess Consulting

Country: Cyprus

Occupation: Counsellor/Educational Officer/ Teacher

Small Bio/CV: A highly motivated primary school teacher and counselor with over ten years of experience. Through my professional position I seek the good cooperation between the members of the school community and the good interpersonal relations, which are considered necessary, in order for the teachers and the student community to function more effectively, in increasingly pluralistic school classes.

Date of the interview: 02.05.2023

Short summary of the interview

During this interview Philia informed us regarding the ways aspects of influence and stereotyping influence professional career guidance. Specifically, during this interview Philia informed us that when it comes to choosing a career, young people are mainly influenced by social media, family and friends while money and prestige are some main indicators of choosing a career. In addition, Philia informed us regarding they ways trends and social and cultural norms and expectations influence young peoples’ career choices. Lastly, Philia informed us regarding certain stereotypes and gender biases young people might face or be influenced by when choosing a career path.

Statements of utmost importance – top statements/ information

“Social norms and what is shown on screens [social media] have a strong influence on children’s specific career decision.”

“In recent years because parents are also more interested in the psycho-emotional part of their children and have been involved many times in discussions and through the counselors they may approach to decide a career path for their children, they have heard many times that “Let them follow their path and don’t influence them”. So, I see them being more withdrawn, if I can use that word, meaning they want the best for their children’s future, but it’s not that suffocatingly restrictive that you saw in previous years.”

“In recent years we have seen that parents are realizing how important the decision is and are seeking the help of a professional. It is a reason which proves to us that parents are more concerned now about this part and realize that it is a part that they need to give to a professional. It is a very important decision to consult a professional.”