Category: Project

Area: Stereotyping

Place/Country: Greece

Date: 2008

Institutions involved: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Target group: School counselors in career Guidance, students

Goals / Objectives /Aims:

Τhe innovation of these exercises lies in the introduction of the concept and behavior of care, as a necessary element of males and females, as well as the development of care strategies and skills. The exercises are divided into 4 thematic sections.

  1. Gender stereotypes and discrimination.
  2. Self-awareness and professional orientation.
  3. Caring skills.

Reconciliation of family and professional life.

Content / Structure / Description including strengthening action competence

This guidebook includes exercises in order to raise the awareness of students, the aspect of professional orientation based on the gender. The main aim of those exercises is to raise the awareness in a way that students will be able to make personal and professional decisions free of gender bias.

Results / Responses → Resulting Competences:

Raise awareness in a way that students will be able to make personal and professional decisions free of gender bias.

Activity/Exercise description:

There are several exercises in this Guidebook. On of them is based on the field of Professional/Work Values, and is described as following:

Aim: Help participants to determine their professional priorities and to exercise in the decision-making process.

Method: Give the participants to fill in the following and encourage them to discuss it among groups. In the general discussion, encourage them to mention the factors that affected and shaped their professional values, mainly through socializing. You may start the conversation by setting questions such as:

    1. What led them choose these values?
    2. What was the reason they selected these values?
    3. Have they noted differences regarding the values among genders? If yes, where do they think they depend on?
    4. What were the reasons they select to follow this job/profession?
    5. Are there any differences regarding the jobs selected by males and females?

Highlight the fact that values are related to the messages each person receives from their social environment, which sometimes is related to the gender, age, personal experiences.

Professional Values

    1. Professional Values (e.g. money, responsibility, socialization, fame, indignity, travelling, action, independence, etc…)
    2. Which jobs correspond to your main three priorities?
    3. What are the qualifications and essential skills needed for these jobs?

 What do you have to do in order to follow each of this job?

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