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Material for secondary schools’ teachers

*See also material for primary schools’ teachers at the link below

Description: The Let Toys Be Toys lesson plans are designed to help pupils start to question stereotypes about boys and girls.

Objectives/Purpose – Skill/ability/area trained: 

  • Read and evaluate different sources
  • Identify how the way children are expected and encouraged to play can affect their aspirations and opportunities
  • Develop critical thinking, research and writing/presentation skills

Outcomes – Expectations: All students will be able to recognise basic connections between gender equality and play, express their own opinions and conduct some basic research of their own into the topic

Activity/Exercise description:

Timings / Venue / Inventory (if needed):

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Secondary Toys and gender Powerpoint slides (provided by the webpage)
  • Computer suite/laptop bank/tablets/smartphones
  • Internet access
  • Jobs worksheet (one copy per student, provided by the webpage)
  • Secondary Toys and gender source sheet (one copy per student, provided by the webpage)

Follow-up and measurement tools: Job worksheets

References/Resources/Further info:

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